Bringing the best and complete supply chain from freight transportation to warehousing and direct distribution – SpeedLink provides all necessary services as specified by our customers’ needs.

1/ Cargo services

Proudly to be the prestigious Logistics partner in Vietnam, SpeedLink offers freight transportation to anywhere via any available means of transport from air, ocean, road and rail. We put forward the services along with the sincerity and thoughtfullness for our partners.

We assist in gaining a competitive advantage for our partners by improving their freight transportation network and providing the optimal means to deliver parcels as soon as possible to the recipients in the most effective way.

a) Air Freight

AIR FORWARDING stays as a speedy choice and also the most convenient way for customers which is mainly transferring goods by air.

Connected directly with the affiliate network throughout 63 provinces across the country and other countries over the world, we utilize the schedule with main routes in order to supply the optimal services to customers.

Furthermore, SpeedLink offers intermodal delivery service from warehouse to the airport and into the hand of recipients. By AIR FORWARDING, we have always ensured the flexibility of service in order to meet the customers’ needs.

b/ Ocean Freight

  • Transportating by Full Container Load (FCL)

SpeedLink currently provides freight transportation for large size of commodities on many well-known liners specializing in intercontinental travel. Moreover, our company also supports both instruction and effective solutions for spontaneous problems appeared when importing or exporting.

By virtue of the continually updated information about the delivery process via our website, customers can feel more secure when using our professional delivery services.

  • Transporting by cargoes/ Less-than-container-load (LCL)

Along with linking separated orders in the systems, we also transfer the individual commodities to international harbor shipped all around the world. Departure schedules are managed in a coherent process from the starting point toward the ending point so as to administering and discovering misplace if any.

Not only SpeedLink dedicated significant resources to develop and maintain the depot efficiently for LCL market, but we also supply the collection systems for both traditional LCL services and merchandises from retailers for multinational shipments.

Equally important, we have value-added services for individual customers (LCL) so that it would be transparent and effective to inspect the shipment schedule (track and trace), monitor the progress and status of oders everytime.

c/ Transporting by road and rail

Our comprehensive transporting service by road includes both domestic and international goods forwarding in road and rail.

Goods for delivery services comes from domestic and international freight with many foremost benefits :

  • Goods collected regularly comprises items packed in pallet and without-pallet packed
  • Delivery schedule is stable and has high reliability
  • Large-scale transportation network across the country and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia with a very frequent schedule.
  • Continually promoting and expanding our trading network

2/ Warehousing and Distribution Services

For any public businesses, SpeedLink provides them warehousing and distribution services for professional utilization. With the top priority of achieving the sustainable competitive advantage for customers, we committed to bring their products closer to the users in a fast and effective way. We always support all of our customers and partners to expand their businesses to the world!


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