Not only providing the domestic delivery services, take the mission of providing international delivery as a linking bridge all over the world. Currently, our company has head offices in 11 countries and the large associating to more than 100 other cities around the world. There are 4 types of common transportation:


Speedlink now owns a powerful team of trucks which varies from small trucks weighing from 0.5 tons to 5 tons – easy for trasport in the city – to the greater ones which can carry more than 26 tons on the highways to the other countries. Besides, along with regular delivery frequency, Speedlink promises to bring the best international delivery service with the shortest time in the most convenient conditions for customers.


Delivering freight by train is an extremely optimal solution for customers, who worry about bulk orders, with a no more reasonable fee. By connecting with delivery system from North to South, our company strongly believe to meet all the needs of our customers: from individual parcels to the permanent package. Speedlink has committed to ensure the safety and convenience of delivery service for customers.


Having owned a large network of airline delivery service in most major countries all over the globe, we can both support small and medium enterprises to implement export/import licenses in accordance with the laws of each country and ensure the delivery time as schedule. With professional and experienced staff, Speedlink always assume responsibility for customers’ orders to reach the right address with the best cost.


In addition to those modes of transport, Speedlink also associates with many well-known worldwide shipping companies such as Hyundia M.M, Vinalines, … in order to provide seaborne goods delivery service to major ports in the Americas, Europe, Asia, … It can be said that that our company is nearly a perfect partner for the import – export business with professionalism in tightly manage goods flow, ensure the safety during delivery time. can totally meet the demand for goods delivery not only small parcels but also the shipment which is up to several tons from the customers with the highest level of security. Definitely, all the customer’s expectations will be met as coming to us.

international delivery


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