In recent years, seeing the powerful transformation of the E-commerce industry, We – SpeedLink Vietnam CO., LTD confidently brings the best quality services that meet all the needs of the market. By virtue of the improvements in the operation processes and our fully understanding Vietnamese customers psychology, SpeedLink desires to contribute to the e-commerce business success of SMEs and enterprises by tackling their contemporary pressing issues.

Furthermore, the E-commerce electronic delivery service of offers the Logistics package consisting of merchandise exploitation, packaging, warehousing, out-of-work delivery service, etc, with the purpose of gratifying the most demanding partners. Combined with the mobile administration -Mobile Express, SpeedLink ensures bringing the conveniences and wonderful experiences to our partners as well as retail clients.

Come to SpeedLink – Come to the professional transportation partners in Vietnam!

Here are some notices from SpeedLink’s pricing list:

The pricing list published on the website of SpeedLink applies only to individual sending. However, with the eligible product that:

Liquids or chemicals.

Large-sized goods: goods may be large in size but not high in weight.

Oversized goods : the monolithic size exceeds the raw size: 1, 2 m * 1 m * 0, 9 m (length * width * height).

Oversized good weight is over 50 kg and it can not be separated or split.

These are types of goods that require a different shipping way compared to the usual goods and other additional costs will arise. Therefore, depending on the particular cases, we will consider and contact confidentially with each customer who has those items. also confirmed that our company does not deliver any prohibited items (opiates, stimulants, munitions, depraved items, explosive things, rare animals, creatures of the goods without receipts, etc.); valuable items such as money, gold, silver, platinum and large parcel comprised numerous packs sent to many people.

With the valuable items from 500,000 VND and above, please contact us directly to hotline 19006411 for further consultancy about the policy ensuring customer of



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